Friday, February 29, 2008


some pages, in the flatting process with these, doing cuts (shadows, edges) and knockouts (lines changed to color) so Rico can get started. not much happens action-wise, but there was a lot to set-up and build. areas in the bar that are money shots here were established in the backgrounds of a couple previous pages- so ive been working fowards and backward a bit to keep things consistent. next issue has a house party and, given the environmental juggle that is the bar/4 patrons over a chunk of pages now, im looking towards using a 3-d model for it. dont expect to save any time, just stress. in the book MATADOR Brian Stelfreeze did a page with what looked like 3D, two people having breakfast on a boat, the (imaginary)camera makes a rotation around this full-table setting over the course of a few shots. not too many people could mentally rotate and draw all that, brians one of them, but not me. the pro-3D devil on my shoulder wants to use it, and for something i couldnt do otherwise- a castle of beer cans in the kitchen, from 16 different angles. as it stands, two scenes play out at this house party, one on the lawn, one on the second floor, with a view back and forth thru the window. i remember setting up a mini gotham city, with kleenex and cereal box stand-ins, to figure out a 7 page helicopter chase of batman over rooftops; it wouldve turned out better with 3D. anyways, enough blahlahblah. other pages in progress, side projects on the way. kobe. is "change" played? marvel sketch cards. 25. one month: gah! previous marvel cards and style experimentaccidents.

Saturday, February 23, 2008