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ah, well. even trying to do simple head shots gets out of control.......and i really have no idea how to make tin can iron man look cool. his awesome-ness has been firmly established, theres just so little to work with. drawing him was counter intuitive like "hip to be square" (huey lewis). there were 10,00 moments where i wanted to make an exciting curve, or put shiney reflections all over........but that is not the way of tin can iron man. anyways, cant pretend to understand either character (, they both have movies comin, what can i say? tomorrow should bring mary jane, storm and yukio.

Friday, April 11, 2008

weird smoke

some of this will have to get knocked into shape during the ink stage, but thats pencils i guess

Moonlighting strangers who just met on the way.

While Chris is hard at work cranking on Loose Ends and Marvel cards, I've been getting myself and others ready for convention season. This is a really hectic time of year for me, I work 4 days a week a print shop that does a good deal of work for the comic industry. I also take on a bunch book layout work in addition to coloring, it's nuts. It's stressful but fulfilling on some level. Anyway, blah blah blah, here's the cover for Bryan Hitch's NYCC book. I layed this out last week and I'll be printing it tomorrow, nothing like hands on quality control! I should mention, I didn't color this, that's Paul Mounts!

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kaboom yall

ps the warm grey markers i was usin have died..........really felt the lack of them here........

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