Monday, June 16, 2008

gone fishin

hey, yeah, sometimes there'll be a lot of posts, sometimes, not so much. anyways, heres some pages thatve been posted before, just lettered now so they look all for real an sh*t. i always get a kick out of seeing the finished comic, its really not done until the word balloons and logos are on, and even then not as much as when it gets folded or develops coffee stains. god bless comics ;p the writer for the comic, jason latour, is really a comics dynamo and in general a one man supergroup. anyways he did the letters and because latour draws like a mug they came out with a great dose of personality that locks in with the story. the other good news is that since i finally did the grey tones, we'll be able to follow ricos process thru the colors, if you're allright with seeing these pages again. we spend a long time staring at em too ;p
there was some other jibber jabber i wanted to put out there. working on the string of marvel cards was so much fun i couldnt stand it. having done 3 dud paintings in 30 years, working wih prismacolor, bic and crayola let in a lot of fresh air. that so many other folks worked on them as well brought back this heavy drawing-in-study-hall buzz. although overused, yellow highlighter covered up with whiteout pen always shined, the ink must mix cause they glow together. an india ink really grounds everything, and the scan (even adjusted) did no justice. will have another set to do before november, and a list in a drawer is growin (black cat, black widow, lilandra, beta-ray bill, forge, winter soldier, gwen to suggestions) ive stacked up 7 blank Camel packs to do Loose End color drawins on at HeroesCon in Charlotte NC, so ill be up to the same tricks soon enough. Rico ran up a bunch of Loose End Demo's for the show, 16 BW pages+ color cover, along with some other good things- polaroid prints on thick plastic-y type paper! and another print that we started in like 2003 and finished last week. David Williams and Ed Brubaker canceled, dag, but looking foward to seeing Dusty and the rest...