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Winona Ryder, from an episode of Larry Sanders

Monday, February 21, 2011


warm up drawing, pic from the sartorialist

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loose Ends for Free!

I don't think we've mentioned here yet but there will be a 8 page preview of our book (Loose Ends) in 12 Gauge's Free Comic Book Day offering. It will be the first time anyone other than us has seen this stuff in full color! We're excited for you guys to see this stuff! Here's an Loose Ends ad we created for the FCBD book, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty Weak

I was trying to explain something to Chris the other day about drawing a pretty lady with a "weak chin". He wasn't getting what I was saying, I don't think I was explaining myself well. So, I decided to try to illustrate what I meant. I typed "weak chin" into Google and used one of the pictures I found on the first page of the search for this image. I liked the end result and figured I'd use it for something down the line, a print, a cover for a little book, I dunno. The bad news is I flattened the file, so it'll probably never get used for anything...

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my parents were awesome

nother warm-up drawing from a photo, usually it's tricky remembering where i get pictures from, but in this case i do- the tumblr page "my parents were awesome". hi mom.

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the secret city

above, i'm drawing foreshortened circles, below, the PBS show "Secret City" with Mark Kistler, that taught me how. you know how it's easier for kids to learn a new language than adults? Mark demonstrated all kinds of principles i didn't come across again until art school, nearly a decade later. to whatever degree i handle perspective, it's at least comfortable to do so, and has everything to do with seeing this show, as a young'un. check out that neat opening crawl, the sci-fi drawing outfit, and how enthusiastic this guy is!!!!!! he sometimes says: "are you ready to BLAST across that page?". hell yeah! thanks sir !

........and Marks usual sign off: "DrawDrawDraw! Practice your drawing!"

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