Monday, October 13, 2008

Why is all this stuff black and white? Isn't Loose Ends a color book?!

Hey folks, it's me, the coloring half of the Kickstand Kids. I've had some non Kickstand stuff going on that I wasn't going to post on the blog but I've had some people ask what I've been up to, so here ya go!

I still color Perhapanauts every month. This image is a cover drawn by guest artist, Jason Armstrong. You've seen Jason's pulse-pounding pencils on his own Ferro City and Lobster Johnson. Fun stuff! Jason did interiors on this ish too, I'm working on those now.

In other coloring news, I met Nathan Fox through mutual friend Paolo Belfiore. They asked if I had time to color a pinup (pictured right) that Nathan didn't have the time to color himself and I said, "SURE!" Nathan liked what I did and now we're working on a 6 page comic for a major magazine! More fun stuff!
Anyway, with the help my childhood pal, Kheang Kho, I am building a blazing fast super computer that will allow me to color as many books as Dave Stewart and have time left over to take up knitting. Loose Ends colors coming soon!
One last note of congratulations to our friend Mike Capprotti, he's now the proud papa of little Sophia Capprotti!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

coffee, nicotine, draw, eat, repeat

despite appearances here,much has been produced since the last post. just hitting the final few pages of the first issue of Loose Ends, will be done at the end of the month. downside blogwise is these final nine give away a lot, so cant show much till i get to issue 2 beginning nov. argh, it hurts not to show the new batch of pages, dont seem finished til theyre out there. ten marvel cards on the way though, have artist proofs and am open to requests if anything comes to mind.
as far as whats here, all over the map, like usual. still working out how to draw some characters. the larger headshot of the fellow with glasses in the second of these two trailer/tree pages, that was intended to be the tiny silhouette in the first of the set. but then i never got the original large headshot to look right, and meanwhile hated to cover up the little one. for whatever reason i have draw out the insides of every silhouette, even though it always feels goofy doing so. at the same time couldnt be bothered to draw trees ;p guess thats half true, also just wanted to insure they were native north carolina trees, and had spent waaay to long researching trailers already ( the quest was over when i found the "nomad" model- perfect name). ah, the last double page thing is just an ad, all collaged from pages already posted here, just with zip-a-tone! i feel about zip-a-tone now the way i did about ketchup when i was a kid- improves everything.