Thursday, September 26, 2013

Woodring Vs Kochalka

for Sage's  (@SageCoffey's) anthology- thanks for inviting me to the party, m'am! she kinda tricked me into contributing, but in a good way, like being tricked into a surprise party. im not punk, though a doodler, and a bit of a dandy. every piece of punk reference i found/liked was either a photo that'd been collaged and kinko-ized, or art by someone without much craft (re: the great Woodring Vs Kochalka letter wars in Comics Journal, 2000-ish). after staring at Tank Girl for awhile i realized i cant fake it, and decided to build the cover outta....not my art. drawing definitely occurred, but i vandalized a Norman Rockwell, collaged from the myriad talented contributors,  used other people's PS brushes, etc.....and signed my name on alla it.

P.S. this is a Rico color scheme/method. and we have a new thing soon. actually a couple new things. he prolly has a lot of new things. one of them ends in "66."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013