Saturday, April 25, 2009

fox confessors bring the flood

(far from finished colors)

much appreciate folks stopping by for a visit after such long bouts of inactivity, many pages done, just the (relative) best of em have to stay under wraps. hard drive died a few weeks ago, i was so worried about that conflicker virus (despite "being" a mac) id backed up this comic project right before the crash- a rare instance of my general paranoia having an upside. still in mourning for huge amounts of lost reference and itunes, along with finished one-offs like the ninja turtle (previous post). ah well, not the first time, turned out i did not miss having a computer (tho latour would point out i had a handheld handy).

the croaked hard drive also lost a 3-d model i'd built for this scene (so far haven't straight up drawn over models, but its bound to happen. ill fess up) so i drew that model from memory, for the better i guess, but it woulda been nice for all the ellipses. tricky pages, spent a good while working out how to approach a strip club. there's the one loooong night, the first and last time i've been to any, with some older and, uh, saltier friends, where i was profoundly creeped out (and lacking a sense of humor). then there's the fact that i just like drawing pretty girls, it's hard to switch off. so, i dunno, tried to get across a whiff of ick-factor without being disingenuous, and pay attention to what the men were up to (point of the scene); bored/salivating/sympathetic/hateful/gorging/ 'avin a laugh. anyways, im just fricking exhausted from overthinking, so ill spare you. can't say enough about how helpful it was to have latours finished letters for post-thumbnail stages, the course they chart across the page goes a long way and takes off some of the pressure. next scene is a high school house party, can post it all here, super-anxious/excited. in an alternate universe (one where im speedy and not turned off by nostalgia) id be perfectly happy drawing "my so-called life" comics.
rico- no ricky jokes.