Tuesday, July 22, 2008

rough stuff

just some commissions im trying to soldier through. still dont know what im doing with prismacolors, the paper is pretty unforgiving, but the only way to figure it out is keep on keepin on, be willing to look bad and learn somethin. couple more left, then back to pages.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Knight

Let me tell you a little story. First, my day job at Indigo Ink Digital Printing is nuts because we print a lot of stuff for people that will be going to the SDCC. I've worked a few 12+ hour days in the past week. Wednesday my plan was to leave at a regular time to spend some time with my wife and little girl. However, on the way home, my wife calls me, " My friend has a friend that has some free passes to see that Batman movie tonight, do you want them?" Huh?! "Where's it playing?" I say. "It's down in D.C. at the Uptown at 8:30." What?! My favorite movie theatre on the face of the earth?!

This place is a beautifully restored theatre from the 30's with a huge curved screen and a sweet balcony! Anyway, now I'm going to see Batman (my favorite superguy), at the Uptown (my favorite theatre), and for FREE (my favorite price!)! So we plan to get down there an hour and a half early so we can sit together. I'm all geeking with the butterflies in my belly, I've heard this thing is an awesome crime drama, an interpretation of Batman that I enjoy. We arrive to a line wrapped around the block! We hop in line, I'm all excited, an hour goes by, and some spokesmodels come out and let us know the theatre is full and we should shove off. Yeah, that was one sad walk back to the car and an hour drive home.

That's where the sad story ends, I got to see the movie last night. 3 hours well spent friends!! If you haven't seen it yet, get to it! It made me feel like this!

I'm sure you've all seen it but I don't want to spoil anything so we can talk about it more later.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee

Hey folks-
The kids are back and recovering from our adventures in Charlotte, North Carolina. Heroes Con was a blast like always. Shelton, Dustin and the gang put on my favorite comic convention. It was great catching up with old friends and making some new ones.
We unveiled the Loose Ends preview book at the show and I've heard positive things from people that picked it up and from our peers, so that's encouraging. We met Swain from my favorite podcast, SiDEBAR, very cool guy. I love that show! Check out the link over on the right.

Anyway, I know you guys come here for pictures and not to read my typing, so, here ya go...20 years in the making...