Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HeroesCon- whew!

it took awhile to get back to normal post-HeroesCon but things have finally settled down. Shelton, Dusty and the Heroes Aren't Hard to Find crew put on a top show like always; much beloved, appreciated, and never taken for granted. Thanks to them and everyone that stopped by the table, for all the folks we got to catch up with there are even more who i missed in the mad rush trying to finish sketches ("sketches" ;p). only downside was not getting to be there like a fan i am and nerd out at all the amazing artists who attended (and were tough acts to follow- Paul Azaceta, Andy Kuhn.....grrr).
was a spastic 24-7 art factory here at Casa De Gavel during the month leading up, outside of unfinished commissions and the beautiful and shiny golden sketchbook Rico put together at IndigoInk, there've been 5 new pages of Loose Ends come and gone that i can only share in clipped form. sorry.

Rico painted these based on a group argument over whether Wonder Woman could fly ;p and they sold before he finished

salvaged this from an old email rounding up stuff for the sketchbook, the full size file died with the hard drive, but it prints pretty good for a jpg

finally, started up a Deviant Art account: http://kickstandkid78.deviantart.com/
aye, enough babble, have a good one

Thursday, June 18, 2009

HeroesCon- nice!

Chris and Rico will both be sitting at the 12 Gauge Comic tables (BOOTH 630/729) at Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend. It's our favorite show, so come out and say "hi". We have a new art book for sale (pictured above). We also have prints and we'll even draw for you people (for a nominal fee) if you ask.
(drawin for 70's soul singers/dc comic heroes sketchbook. its not done)

(chris draws tiny)

(rico paints)