Wednesday, October 12, 2011

don't move

ola, been awhile, especially since i started the year all aggressive-like with the posting. in between that phase, it's wind-down, the Loose Ends wind-up, and now......there were deadlines to make, fam+friends to say "so long (for now)" to, school enrollment, and a city to move (back) to. my multitasking skills leave a lot to be desired. im working on it. for a month or so i dint have a mail key, when USPS finally came through i found a box overstuffed with mail from the previous tennant (see above). anyways, Loose Ends #3 is freshly finished and at the printers; apologies for goin AWOL, just the way it's gotta be sometimes.

new panel above. Jason's script and our "military advisors" called for a bootleg Tupac tee sayin "Rap Music", the research turned up a lot of funny:
wish there'd been more room for it, but there were bigger fish to fry. here's what i squeezed in:
ah well.