Monday, March 9, 2009

Sonny day?

This is Page 1 of the 1st issue of Loose Ends. I'm sure it'll get tweaked before this book sees print sometime this summer. Starting any new project that will be longer than a few pages or one issue is always kind of scary. Aside from doing your best and hitting deadlines, when you start a new book, you are setting up rules for yourself on those first few pages. So, you have to do your best to see the future. "Will my solution I used to solve a problem on this page work when I have similar yet slightly different circumstances in issue 2 or 3?" Chris keeps an eye out for this stuff for me, he knows what the future holds for the most part so he know what will work and what could be trouble down the road. Anyway , it feels like we're firing on all cylinders now. I for one am over the initial intimidation of starting something new. RAH!