Tuesday, July 22, 2008

rough stuff

just some commissions im trying to soldier through. still dont know what im doing with prismacolors, the paper is pretty unforgiving, but the only way to figure it out is keep on keepin on, be willing to look bad and learn somethin. couple more left, then back to pages.


ChrisOrtega said...

love that Cap! Now that looks like a soldier that might survive on the field. I always felt the original spadex was a bit too ostentatious ;P

Dude that city bg for batman is killer too!

Cara M. said...

Thanks again for the amazing Nightcrawler Chris! I did end up handing it over to my sister, and she was absolutely over the moon. I totally owe you one.
The Cap turned out wicked cool too, definitely time well spent!

Gary Fitzgerald said...

you are one of my fave batman-drawers.. an archetypal depiction..

Shawn Crystal said...

Ouch. Bang. Zip. Zam. Bada bada BATMAN!

arnie said...

remeber bad is good..keep learin i enjoy an artist that shares thier triumphs as well as thier, not so good days..

peace out

chris be said...

ortega- hey sir! glad you dig! cant take credit for the cap costume, thats a bryan hitch gem. heh, and you know that gotham is pure over-compensation for the foreground.
cara- aye, very welcome, glad your sis liked. was a nerve wracking commission! between seeing the others, both the nightcrawler collection and your own righteous jams. lots to live up to.
gary- aw shucks, thanks sir. boy, did i learn my lesson with the yellow logo, sometimes theres just no excuse for a yellow highlighter. dammit! you asked about charlotte awhile ago, did you ever end up moving there (here)?
shawn- dunnuh nunnah nunnah nunnah dunnah nunnah nunnah nunnah ;p pow! back at you.
arnie- ehy! thanks captain, appreciate you tolerating some blah.