Thursday, September 3, 2009

definitely maybe

so before i mentioned that there was an anatomical snafu in the ruff that made the pencils a bit dodgy- snafu being a giant left leg, with boots the character just doesnt wear. ended up having a huge impact, couldnt get the leg angle id wanted, and the boots were all off. the figure was not what Rico and i had our bullseye on, after awhile people with guns stops being interesting- my bad, we got it right next cover. here i am sweating it out

threw some green lines to show even when perspective is right it can be wrong. Brian Stelfreeze taught me that you have to be spot on with a horizon line, but the rest is up for fudging. outside of skyscrapers and malls, i like buildings with sag and slouch

still mourning.


SWAiN said...

Ohh, but there's joy in the morning---we still have Coldplay (har, har). I actually like Coldplay.

All time fav song by Oasis is Live Forever. Fantastic structure, great chord progressions, sweet ass melody. I also enjoyed What's the Story, Morning Glory. They rocked that so hard, I had to shave my eyeballs after listening. Good stuff!

R.I.P. (Rock In Perpetuity)

chris be said...

ah geez- Coldplay? i actually like them allright too, but yeah- har, har. no one can sneer through a song like Liam Gallagher ;p like in "cigarettes and alcohol": "is it myyyy imag-inay- shee-UHN..." can't speak on structure, you and Dwight are the scholars (and that can be your titles, like Brian is "the sensei"). First two records you mentioned are the classics, as are the last two....don't miss out their b-sides, theres another 2 classic records in the sum total of those. oh getting real sad again......thanks for sayin hey sir!