Saturday, November 7, 2009

Boom! BAM!

here's pencils for the third of four covers Rico and I have done for the Boom! Studios book NOLA (first issue out Wednesday) (!!!) . folks that like seeing process stuff tend to say so, and i'm ambivalent , so if it's annoying, holler.

this was drawn on both sides of the paper with a lightbox. the lil X's are "bullet holes" which they use in animation to line up foreground/background when those elements are done separate, same goes here to merge the drawings into one PS file. hadn't got the hang of her head wrap yet, and didn't mean for her to be so foxy either (see bad ass-ed-ness of previous 2 covers), but it happens. clearly, i didn't fight it. BAM!

hadnt drawn wreckage in awhile, good times. ( guess who doodled through english class.


ButterfishManiac said...

Hell no, I love process stuff. Keep it up. Although expect some hatin' cause I'm jealous of you both. Just sayin'

chris be said...

heh, allright captain, we'll keep postin process, you keep drinking haterade ;p

Pat Bollin said...

Sweet! I very much like seeing process stuff! Thanks.

Myron said...

Great as usual Chris. This process stuff is awesome. It gives us a quick look inside the magic hat as it were. Those "Bullet holes" may come in handy as I use a lightbox and photoshop to composite stuff quite a bit. Thanks.