Monday, February 15, 2010

68 state

pages and a cover are on the drawing table but under wraps for now, so yeah, older stuff. roughs for a painting, the linework stayed exactly the same (cept the hands + the magazine), and it ended up red looked best on the canvas, though not so much on a computer screen. dammit, i don't remember who i gave it to.

concept work for a cartoon show

used this pill template as a warm-up for days that were spent coloring instead of drawing; it's in RGB cause it drove me crazy the colors you can't get out of CMYK. as much as i'll definitely maybe always prefer comics in print, i'm dead excited to do pages in RGB for the screen.


Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

Great color study

chris be said...

thanks sir!

alex fine illustration said...

I really enjoyed looking at all the work on your blog. I'm definitely a new fan.

Adrian Johnson said...

I find myself working under CMYK for everything as a default. Totally agree that I too prefer comics in print and I love all the prepress trappings thereof.

Could you elaborate more on this pill color study? How does it work?