Friday, June 4, 2010


<= SuperGirl Commission WIP. Comics Art show at Twenty- Two.


Anonymous said...

this seems magic and effortless. jealous of your immense talent! knock their socks off this weekend...

Adrian Johnson said...
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Adrian Johnson said...

Chris and Rico,

Great to have finally met ya'll fellas at Heroes this past weekend. Both of you dropped some knowledge to me as far as inking, production and coloring that I'm still chewing on. And I appreciated the Batman page and the Sour Mash. Ya'll cool people, sirs.

Speaking of, I had a question on production. I forget if Rico said it at Heroes or if I read on the blog that you guys scan line art at 1600 dpi. Now every scanner that I've have ever known only does up to 1200 dpi. So this 1600 dpi scanner is something at a professional print shop or something that is available at your average Best Buy or whatever?


chris be said...

Anonymous- thanks! some socks were knocked.
Adrian- great to meet you too, sir, and just hang around being art nerds. The scanning- that was only the one time, I'll post a better answer in a sec.