Friday, November 12, 2010

also, SuperGirl

i think SuperGirl looks a little hopped up on something, nutty eyes and that, and the legs are maybe wonky, and i wasn't into the costume that was commissioned. but whatevah. ..

my niece Zaria kept me company though, so it was fun regardless.


Gary Fitzgerald said...

you look like you have a robotic "light-head"


chris be said...

yeah that's right. i'm bionic.

Adrian Johnson said...

Awwww, that's cool, sir. She probably got a big kick out of seeing you draw that.

Also, what was the actual size of the commission?


chris be said...

hey sir! yeah, she asks a lot of questions, but i get a bigger kick out of seeing her draw- she has pretty far out ideas. the original was 9 X 12, bout the same size as i do pages at; any larger and i cant see the whole thing at once. i dunno, drawing tiny feels most natural.

ChrisOrtega said...

cool picture!
Teach the young padiwan well, Master Jedi. :)

Adrian Johnson said...

Got you, Chris. I remember you saying that at Heroes about drawing smaller. I'm still bugging at how Jason Pearson started drawing at damn near print size simply because he wanted the paper to fit in his scanner.

So it must be something to that. And yeah, I can attest to watching little ones draw. My oldest daughter comes down to my studio sometimes and paints with watercolor. She's not conscious of what she does obviously. But looking at the results afterwards, I wish that I could paint with that abandon.