Friday, January 21, 2011


the kids will be attending the Charlotte MiniCon tomorrow along with Jason Latour, Sanford Greene, Dustin Harbin, Chrissie Zullo, J. Chris Campbell, Bridgit Scheide, Rich Barrett, Andy Smith, and Budd Root. pretty sure the Dollar Bin crew will be cruising the event as well. go team comics!


-PQ said...

I'm gonna start a new blog called "Chris B. is a jerk for being so awesome."
Rock on sir, rock on.

Anonymous said...

pretty much my favorite thing you've done in awhile.

nate v said...

Great texture going on in this one. love you stuff!

chris be said...

PQ- blogs being free, it'd be no trouble to return the favor, jerk. ;p

Anonymous- a while huh? i'll try not to take that the wrong way.

nate v- thanks and pleased to meet you! swung by sketch suplex, you're a monster sir.