Monday, June 13, 2011

breakfast in america

from "Breakfast in America", but i don't think i liked it til it was in "Magnolia"


Riley MacGregor said...


Adrian Johnson said...

Hey, if he don't want that plate, I'll take it. I'm not doing a Jules Winfield impression over here! LOL!

Your studies of Drucker seem to be coming to the fore nicely, CB.

I meant to ask at Heroes if you feel more comfortable with that shift in your style now?

Sam Rowan said...

guys this stuff is really unique an amazing. Great work guys really


chris be said...

Riley- Thanks! and thanks for sayin hey!
Adrian- I'm with you, if a buffet's in play, my plates a heaping mound of bacon. As far as Drucker, I guess I'm trying to think in that direction with faces, but there's not studying beyond that lil essay he did. Comfortable? hmmmmm, not so much, next story when I can start off designing the characters that way, maybe.

Sam- Damn, much appreciated Captain!

manuel bracchi said...

You're a genius.