Saturday, July 16, 2011


it was a good week. Blair Butler of G4tv talked about our comic at 6:35 here:
will this count as new art? Loose Ends had variant black and white versions, we went to town doing remixes at the release party. and gee whiz, was that perfect- all our people came out, we laughed our asses off (Izzy's giggles are contagious), ate all the bbq at Dish, drank all the gin at Philosophers Stone, and closed it out.....thankyou to everyone, we're grateful. ima stop now before i get all maudlin. fresh jams next week, promise.

the official video for this is fantastic, my buddy used to teach it in his Geography class. but, uh, i love the talking here before the song comes in, and it's built on the best one second of Thriller. more talking? raconteur lunatic Jason Latour (Sgt. Pork Chop), who's scrambled egg mind thought up Loose Ends, was interviewed here by the fellas at SIDEBAR. Shomer Shabbos.


Adrian Johnson said...

That's what I'm talking about.
Ya'll deserve all the attention (and hopefully jobs) that Loose Ends will bring.

Always glad to see my folks get over for a change.

Adrian Johnson said...

And I saw the solicitation today for the 'blue and yellow' hero you hinted at, CB.

So are ya'll the cover team for the Static Shock book or was it just that one issue. It looked really good.


Brandon Padgett said...

Well this must be carry over week...Declan Shalvey
made "Loose Ends" his choice for the weekly topic over at ComicTwart!

check it -

J Wright said...

I loved Loose Ends #1, been following your guys' process on it through this blog, and on DeviantArt. This is the bar for me, all others are measured against it. When does #2 come out exactly? I hear it's August, but is there a day I can circle?

chris be said...

Ey Adrian! Thanks sir!, turned down a fair number of jobs to do Loose Ends, even quit one, we're hoping our own thing can be the job. Heh, but n the meantime.......yeah, looks like we'll be doing the monthly Static covers, there's another already in the bag, and shoot, i better email DC about he next before I forget ;p Gonna cue up the McDuffie SiDEBAR an see if there's any nuggets of Static wisdom I missed the first time around.

Brandon- Yeah, dag, that was a trip, thanks for the heads up sir! Sorry i missed seeing your table set-up yesterday, Saturday night carried over into Sunday a bit too much.

Hey J- Thanks so much sir, for checking in, really glad you liked #1. Don't offhand know the date for #2, though it should be 5 weeks after #1, which'd be.......the 17th? Soon as we know, we'll be hollerin as loud as possible