Monday, August 1, 2011

guns of brixton

The fellas over at ComicTwart had a Loose Ends theme week, it was a happening for sure, thrilling and surreal (course im biased).

Ron Salas:

Declan Shalvey w/ Jordie Bellaire:

Evan "Doc" Shaner:

Mike Hawthorne:

Robbi Rodriguez, non-ComicTwart, one man wolf pack:

Nice mention at Indie Pop, and a review at the DollarBin!


Anonymous said...

To see your work reflected back at you through the interpretation of other great creators... truly awesome. This puts you in a league with both Beatles and Muppets. The three of you have made something inspirational. Cheers.

chris be said...

haha, the beatles and the muppets, huh anonymous? we'd be thrilled to be in league with bryan adams ;p but yeah, pretty cool, more than a little intimidating, mostly just like seein these fellows draw anything, they are all beasts. thanks for sayin hey!