Monday, July 30, 2012

dollar general


kinch raby said...

As always I'm sweatin' your technique sir!

-PQ said...


Adrian Johnson said...

What Kinch said.

And speaking of which, Kinch, Brunner showed me and a buddy a Spike Lee print you gave him. I had no idea that you drew at all and that print was FYE!

So if anybody's technique is to be sweated, it may be yours sir.

Anonymous said...

panel two is worth a thousand words.

chris be said...

hey Kinch- thanks sir. you are masterful, never irrelevant, mathmatical. thanks for makin my HC.

ola PQ- thankya captain!

Adrian- you dint know that Kinch drew? tragic, i had to bug him to even open up his portfolio, how scary is that? HC's best kept secret, makes me wonder if there's not an inverse relationship between someones skills and how much they crow about em.

Anonymous- thankyou! what's the exchange rate between words and dollars?

Anonymous said...

dope post man. if you haven't heard you should check out
"let the rhythm hit em"

by rakim. #1 mc in my book.

keep up the great work! huge inspiration. give me a shout when/if you come to Portland Oregon. buy you a beer.