Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Ranger

did a cover for Latourette's Winter Soldier run, more here. Rico and I were both fans of the Chiarello Art Directed cartoon Galaxy Rangers, so he pumped up the color on that arm in tribute to Ranger Zack Fox. even though one of my brothers is named Zack, we still fought over who got to play Fox (i had the power arm)(yellow dishwashing glove, black marker). loser had to play Niko.

if you watch this on youtube, the Bionic Six intro is in the same queue


Adrian Johnson said...

Aww man! Galaxy Rangers AND Bionic Six?! You're pressing my joy button, sir! Especially Bionic Six -- one of the best of the 80s adventure cartoons to me. Still fire today!

chris be said...

hah, are they still fire? i remember them being much better than they couldve possibly been. ala voltron.
good to hear from you sir!