Friday, February 15, 2013


anytime we can do a starfield, im very happy. here's process stuff for the cover Rico and i did for Latour/Klein/Shalvey's Winter Soldier run.
 Marvels art direction was "draw Winter Soldier looking badass". Jason shared the outlines of the story, some concept art, and it became clear why he invited us to the party. visual language Rico and i had developed for Loose Ends was being imported into WS- the "neon-noir" light tracers, Pac-Man symbology, flashback grids, etc.  stuff which is fun, but really hard to plan for, the only way i know to attack it is to get a clean b+w composition with some dead-space, and then vandalize it with the light tracers. i sent Rico the b+w+spot-color image, and put all the other elements on separate layers- he's got a much stronger graphic design sense, and is quicker to simplify. i make messes.
our color roughs, mine is the boring one. Rico makes bold choices, and a lot of the time the editor is asking that they be dialed back. especially when it involves pink. sissies. so, i did a straight ahead local color version (A), and din't show it to Rico until he'd came up with his (B,C,D). luckily, our editor was sharp enough to go for Rico's take with that loud green arm- in tribute to Galaxy Rangers. bottom row is just checking the combinations. 

don't know much about Winter Soldier. in my head, he's the actor who played Bucky in Captain America, but as the Comedian. if i'd seen Haywire (!!!) at the time, it woulda been Channing Tater. 

bold n' spicy
Marvel let Rico place and manipulate the logo. super excited about that. 

                                      a sip of water please

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