Monday, May 6, 2013

here, rose.

FCBD was a time! Thanks to Jackie Lewis, Terrence Hoskins, Kevin Mellon, Rico RuhRoh, and most of all Shelton Drum and the Heroes Family for making it happen. Thanks as well to everyone who came out to see us- without you we're just dorks in a tent.

Here's what happened:

Silas: Can you draw a guy with a sword killing another guy?
(and later) S: don't forget the blood.

* Impala 64? 67? i forget

Terence, Rico, Kevin, Jackie, Jason


def_sanchez said...

Chris you Do some awsome work man.

Chris Cormier said...

These are fantastic! Love the Spider-man and Scarlet Witch images in particular. Of all the Spidey renditions out there, yours is one of the slickest I think I've ever seen. Really nice work!

chris be said...

Thanks sirs! much appreciated