Wednesday, April 29, 2015


here’s my work-in-progress warts-n-all Battletoads contribution for the Zinetendo anthology (please support here, 6 days left!). still lots to do+fix, but there’s so many rad artists on the project I really need to bring it. working from background up to foreground, so I haven’t even dealt with rendering or the Toads themselves. trying to do animated style, lookin at lots of Don Bluth and Maurice Noble, also attempting these slight hue shifts from chunk to chunk ( ie on the square disco buttons, bulls teeth). saw Dave Stewart doing this with shadows in Hellboy, and was reminded of it again while watching Daredevil- i love the different hued window panes in Matt’s apt, sorta stained glass looking. hopefully when you see the finished buttons here, you will hear the sounds of Gwildor tapping on his Cosmic Key.


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