Saturday, December 22, 2007


more "loose ends", a b+w page and Rico's roughs. since hes already sketched out a bomb palette the tasks are clear, can avoid being redundant and let the b+w look a lil off with an eye towards a finished page that gels. like the heavy handed feathering on the tum from panel 2 will be knocked out to color, same with some backgrounds. shooting for dusk turning to night over the course of this scene, held off on heavy use of black, set up for Rico to carry the shadows, and then on the next page ill pick em out all inky. have had Bill Waterson on the brain.


capprotti said...

What's taking so long!! Ha ha, i want this book in my hands now. Nah, seriously though, I'm so glad you're posting process shots, and the commentary along with it to boot. It's like dvd extras, without the dvd. Keep 'em coming guys!

chris be said...

hey capriotti- ahhh! we're going as fast as we can! glad your into the process stuff though, thanks for saying so. this "loose ends" thing is dominating the work calendar (heh, and my life in general) so theres plenty more on the way, and not much else ;p

Rodrigo Lara said...

Wwwooowww beautiful work!! You search references very good!!!!!!!Congratulations !!!!!!

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ivan said...

dude, watching you grow as an artist has been amazing. it's really good to see how you put things together. i still pull out the copies of the roughs from the cybernary drawing you were going to do. how's that going anyway?

(# fan in charlotte)