Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shiny Happy Vengence

Chris should probably be telling you about this one since I didn't even work on it! Someone else colored this cover. So yeah, here's a few thumbs and my quick crack a direction I might have tried and finally what was published. Please chime in on your recollections of this Chris!...

chris here, Rico says i can change the color of the type, but i cant figure it out. yeah, this cover was so! much! fun! when i did batman (LOTDK #172-6) it satisfied the jones most people have for that character. unfortunately, the jones was satisfied by page 2, and then there were like 100 more pages to go. but i think i could draw wolverine (as logan, not as an x-man) forever- hes like a real person in my head, where most every other character kind of has to be figured out. (exception would be maybe spider man, but even then id have to figure out peter parker, can never decide on his level of nerdiness). mainstream companies have always resisted the kids as a combo, at the time this cover was done Marvel was all about the Studio Udon look, so i had to fly without Rico and its a damn shame. he came up with a great scheme (dag, the purple sky rules) and wouldve made it pop. Ed Tadem pointed out that the shoulder had some wonk, and not in a good way...... in hindsight he was right. punisher ended up lookin a bit like frankenstein. claws are a bit thin. still, im happy with logans level of RAH!!! allright, back to Rico's part of the post:

As for what I'm up to, I've started work on the Perhapanauts Annual (now published by Image), Emerald City Comicon promotional art with Tim Sale (I'll post that stuff soon), Loose Ends plotting and planning, and gearing up for Christmas (making Christmas cards for my family and a few custom presents). Yup, busy busy!


Jason Latour said...

So are you doing Emerald City con sirs?

I think I am.

Much prefer the Kids version, BTW.

-J La

rico said...

Not me mang. I got a wedding in NYC that weekend.

capprotti said...

ha ha, THANK you rico! I never liked the colors for this piece. Don't get me wrong, they're good colors, but they just don't fit chris' work. I so wish you colored that one, but it's great to see your take.... sweet vengance :-P

arnie said...

personally i liked the first layout. i sets the mood for the calm before the storm. in the final version it looks like wolverine is constipated.

riq said...

Hey Rico.. I really like your treatment on this peice.

I'll echo what capprotti said- the colors Marvel went with aren't bad,

But your treatment is a perfect complement to Chri's layout.

Looks great!


[.ed_] said...

I totally don't remember saying anything that smart to you about your art ever.