Friday, January 25, 2008

almost there.....almost there......

just wanted to get something up, yeah, the kids are alive.....heres whats in the pipes right now. up top are 2 more Loose Ends pages i been tusslin with and one more of the Hawaiian Dick story (written by B Clay Moore, drawn by Shawn Crystal, colored, mostly within the lines, by myself). the Hawaiian story is done- it was a blast, an honor, an education. sometimes you dont need a break, jes a change of pace. id been crunching hard on Loose Ends for nights and days, falling asleep at the desk a couple times, when i got a holler from Shawn that the Hawaiian was needed ASAP. so instead of a break, i went on a 24 hour coloring jag, mailed off the pages and crashed. woke up, and felt.... refreshed! recharged! pages beget pages! what day is it today? anyways, the 3 posted pencilled pages from Loose Ends will be tied up this weekend. cannot wait. cannot show them all, not every panel, cause we need you to want to buy the book eventually. there's also 2 versions of a Loose Ends illo we did this month, but cant show, that i mention purely for the fun of teasing. its cool, youd really like it. Rico wrapped up a Perhapanauts annual, and is killing a Killing Girl cover as we speak, fingers crossed he'll share some of that. more on the way.......obama bumaye

Here's that Killing Girl cover I was "killing". I really like the way this came out, I hope Toby does too!



Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

violence begets violence. evil beget evil. PAGES BEGETS PAGES, hilarious. your page are a treat to watch develop. I will buy it as soon as you finish, no doubt about that. I hope to see some sketch page from you soon, too. OLU

Shawn Crystal said...

Man o man, you two are on the mark. Keep rockin in the trenches.

Dustin dArnault said...

I second that, you guys are killing it! Looking at your guys stuff gets me pumped to work.

Anonymous said...

I seriously can not wait for new Kickstand Kids comics. and with Latour involved too, that just makes it that much more kickass.
Nice stuff as always brothers.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

seeing your thumbs makes me want to quit.. and I don't really have anything to quit FROM.. so that's even more frustrating.. ha


capprotti said...

Man guys... my mouth is WATERING for that book!!! It's looking so damn nice! All the style and attitude you're known for.

And sweet job on that Killing Girl piece. Both your styles compliment eachother really well!