Thursday, January 31, 2008

this is a modern world

Chris asked me to see what this would look like if I rendered the background the way I did it on that Tim Sale Hulk thing. I'd love to hear what anyone thinks about it.
I think I am going to need to back of on the darkness on this if I don't want to print all muddy like. We're so early in to this though and I have no idea of what paper it will be on and all that good spec type stuff.


Chris said...

Ya know I think I like this style for the sky. I think it really suits the feel of the rest of the art and colors man.


=shane white= said...

Looks pretty cool.


Pedro Pablo said...

I Dont believe, here be many drawings of the great Cris brunner!

To Rich I know of the deviantart, in where he exposes his brilliant color.

I must say that for my, they do the double perfect one, thanks for creating this place in where to be able to see yours works.
A great hug, and already this this page in my favorites


arnie said...

you give it well toned downed look. sometimes people think the color needs to be everywhere. instead of letting the at do the talking, walking... you get mt point. less is more in this case. i love you all just experiment and throw things together.

peace out

mike freiheit said...

The more graphic clouds are much, much better than the smudge tool ones.

Myron said...


Loving the different take on colors with this. The sky is working, but maybe the values on the foreground and background are too close. Otherwise, keep pimpin’ it:)


epetmezas said...

Hey guys,
Yeah, brother. I think if you back off slightly on the darkness it'll pop better. Your colors are always sweet!! Hope we can hang again this year at Heroes. Convince Brunner to come too. :-)

Gary Fitzgerald said...

post title = Jam reference?

chris be said...

C.O.-!!! wow, thanks for checking the page out sir, i know you got your hands full (hows the bundle of joy?). when i asked Rico to mess with the original air-brush-y sky, i was thinking of the clouds you did for that awesome suburban TRIBE shot. how we doing?
Shane- thanks, your lil avatar face is awesome BTW.
Pedro-i dont believe it either!thanks for throwing us in your favorites.
Arnie-thanks sir. as much as you know less is more, its sooooo hard to live by. were trying ;p
Mikey- thanks sir, i think youre the tie breaking vote, and hell of a "lame" radar.
Myron- i know Rico digs your stuff and appreciates the comments. the foreground/background seperation is something he's rasslin with cause of an effect we're reaching for. the goal with the figure is to be so dark that her features are barely visible. youre right, its not there yet, we'll keep at it.
Herc- eyyyyy! yeah, i'll be at Heroes this year, look foward to catching up.
Gary- hey sir! Rico typed that, but i have no doubt he means to refer to the Jam. thats entertainment ;p