Tuesday, March 11, 2008

go baby

the whole Loose Ends stew has been cooking for awhile. Jason did a first draft of the script....2004 (?), when it was just something him, Rico, and I were batting around, a "someday" project. now that we're actually working from the 2007 draft, one the fun parts for me is going back to pull old doodles off the margins of the original first draft. this page is one of the first scenes that jumped off that draft and has been percolating in my head forever. not much happens, just set-up, but its fun to stretch a moment out on the page. badness is coming, the story is about to go south, so im trying to have a dash of goof-iness in that. theres a scene in "Boogie Nights" that does this great, where Dirk is going to burn a dealer. the fact that this is so stupid, and so dangerous has the tension up at this high level, all the while the dealer is goofy as shit. in his bath-robe and speedos singing along to his "awesome mix tape #8". anyways, that scene is always in the back of my head, this page isnt much like it, but its something to do with giving a character the hiccups. some of the other cartoony elements, like the whirl above sonnys head, is half just to see what happens when Rico gets a hold of them.
Kobe illo's next, but anyways, onto the next page. oh yeah, there'll be a trickle of blood coming out of sonnys nose in panel one, he gets roughed up a page before.


Shawn Crystal said...

Sorry to be so monosyllabic lately, but.... WOW!

capprotti said...

Man what a tease! Ha ha, but it's so nice to see your process and get that "directors commentary" to go along with it. Seriously can't wait for this book. Got anything else in the works right now?

chris be said...

shawn- hey sir! apology accepted

capriotti- haha, anything else? not much, pages are a military effort for me. im thinkin on marvel sketch cards, we're allowed to do any characters, no smoking or filth, and i got 25 to play with. requests?

[.ed_] said...

You gotta do an Iron Fist, sir. or better yet.. a POWERMAN AND IRONFIST wah-chaaaa.

also. "wow!"

rico said...

For your Marvel cards I'd like to see some Jim Lee era X-Men geekdom. Next Wave? She-Hulk? Marauders? Hulk? Star Jammers (Corsair?)?