Monday, March 24, 2008

smokin porch

wow, its so nice to have a break from drawing the inside of that bar, i was starting to think id never finish. this Loose Ends page was a hell of a breather, about 2 days of fun, easy work, coulda been done in a day but for easter. i toyed with putting the sketch-up (a 3d program) model into the pencils and inking over it, but it just looked like dook. was good for reference though, a solid foundation to wonk out.
as for the other stuff long overdue: marvel sketch cards wont be up for a little bit longer, cause the blanks haven't arrived in the mail yet. kobe stuff is long finished, just havent got around to the post yet cause im living in this loose ends comic. theres a bill murray illo percolating too. have a good one.

1 comment:

ChrisOrtega said...

Awesome stuff!
You really captured the character of that Jock. Man, I hate him already.