Friday, April 11, 2008

weird smoke

some of this will have to get knocked into shape during the ink stage, but thats pencils i guess


Joshua James said...
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Gary Fitzgerald said...

I love this stuff.. it's my fave stuff on the blog..
I'm thinking of moving to charlotte (and I know you're both muy familiar with the area, so..) whta's good and what's bad about the place?
might come out for heroes..

arnie said...

just looking at how you composed this. i don't need the words to see the story. now that's storytelling. i almost thought it was a dying art....

peace out

chris be said...

hey sirs! always gotta say "thanks", so thanks! sometimes comments, or lack thereof, have a big effect on whatever current drawin is happening, much appreciated.
gary- heh, glad you dig, been wondering if its wise to draw regular folks when the superheroes go over so well, if you like these pages better youre an ideal audience. whats good in charlotte? we always end up here by the end of heroes con:
latour is from charlotte, and loquacious enough to make with all the nitty gritty.
arnie- thanks captain, its good to know the story comes through. whether or not its clear, thats where the effort goes. "should i put a fly in shot? in this panel or that panel? would a mosquito work better?" gah, the OCD goes on forever. anyways, youre not here for the girlie shots, and its appreciated.

Shawn Crystal said...

I really just can't say enough about how awesome these pages are looking. You have a voice that's all you. It's loud and it's strong, and it screams!

rico said...

I'm glad this stuff elicits a stronger response than the superfolk. Because, although I love the way Chris does superheroes, our heart is really in doing stories with new characters that anyone can pick up and say, "Hey, good story." I hope that doesn't sound pretentious!

You're rockin it Chris!

Francis Vallejo said...

real nice work on the blog!