Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In 2008 I got an email from writer and pal Glen Brunswick about coloring a new book
he was putting together with Dan McDaid called Jersey Gods. First a little background...
Glen originally heard about me through Frank Espinosa. When Frank couldn't commit to the entire Killing Girl series, Frank suggested Glen contact me and see if I would be up for it (thanks Frank!!). Glen contacted me and said he had this guy named Toby Cypress taking over on the book (swoon). I'm pretty sure I instantly said, "yes!".
Anyway, fast forward to last year, Glen has this Jersey Gods thing cooking, he sends me the first issue and it's all done by Dan in cool blue tones (hope he doesn't mind me showing this!). I thought it looked amazing as it was! Regardless, things didn't work out and I didn't end up coloring the book.
Glen thankfully kept me around for covers here and there and I've been blessed with the opportunity to color some legendary artists, here are the ones I did last year. Clockwise from top left to right, Paul Pope, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, and John Romita Jr.


Mark said...

Jaysis, dude. I've been reading this since issue one and didn't even know you'd done these! Some great work there.

Jon McNally said...

Ah, you complement each artist so nicely, man. How much feedback did you get from each in the process?

Also, I'm diggin' those blue tones by McDaid. Makes me want to see a Jersey Gods pin-up from Michael Cho. :)

Dan McDaid said...

@Jon - you and me both, man!

So cool to see the blue again. Thanks for posting these, Mr R!

Anonymous said...

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