Thursday, January 28, 2010

Us Placers

thumbing through a magazine, drawing some hands.

sure, i love pixar, so i can't hate on sketch-up. like tracing, i think it usually looks like dook compared to hand-drawn. usually. some things require a ridiculous amount of work with very little room for error or exaggeration, the cost/benefit doesn't add up. whatever gets the best results- rules are for fools.
my pop says "there's a time and a place for everything". right on, pop.
drawing tiny is easier/prettier/wonkier for me than screwing around with a 3D model 99% of the time.

also, it's fun to make a mess.


capprotti said...

Dude, Chris those hands are lookin nice! Ha ha, that almost feels like a page from one of Andrew Loomis' books. And yea... Rico showed me some of your batman pages. The fact that he pulled actual pages out of a regular, run of the mill, STAPLES document folder cracks me up. You could fit half the page in the palm of my hand, you're insane. I love it! :-P

chris be said...

thanks sir! course Andrew Loomis understands what hes doing and im just bumbling along. insanely ;p about attending HeroesCon, and in the words of Capt Picard- make it so ;p

capprotti said...

Ha ha, indeed!

arnie said...

on you first sketch, i could say i gotta hand it to ya, your pretty talented.

peace out

Steve sculpts critters said...

I love the combination of loose/tight.
Accuracy delivered with a loose swing!