Tuesday, November 8, 2011

loose ends iz z'out

runnin on an hour of less-than-sleep, a seinfeld backgrounded snooze (...."Rochelle! Rochelle!"...) we made a comic! you could get it! in stores today, order code JUL111247. nother nice review @ Criminal Complex. and dag, at ComicBookResources too. and AintItCoolNews. and ComicBastards.


Anonymous said...

picked up a copy on my way home from work. read lazily on futon. let it marinate. my favorite yet! excellent work to everyone. keep it up! can't wait for #4.

chris be said...

anony-mouse: thanks so much! glad to hear you liked it, can't beat a good lazy futon-read.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

Just got round to reading number 3... That book is gorgelous (new word, patent pending)