Monday, May 7, 2012

the kids Free Comic Book Day

Rico and I drawin at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, with Jackie Lewis, Jason Latour, Brian Stelfreeze, Jay Potts, Cully Hamner, Sanford Greene, Bridgit Scheide, and Sketch Charlotte. Good day, strange requests: a zombie ninja turtle, hero X as a Modok (i went w/ She-Hulk ala Ms. Pac-Man). Lotsa zombie requests, lotsa Batman. the Avengers movie was much fun, and I'm usually a grinch about these things. Hope you're doing allright, laterskaters.


Chris Cormier said...

Man, these are incredible! The Raphael and Green Lantern are amazing, and that Thor looks super sweet, too. Phenomenal pieces, all of them.

Adrian Johnson said...

Too cool! You guys were out there putting it down! As FCBD in general, I can be a grumpy-puss about it myself.

I just hate seeing grown-ass people haggling over some free books that they don't even care about in the first place other than they are free! 'Do it for the kids' should be the official FCBD tagline.

Anyway, very much looking forward to catching up with ya'll at Heroes.

And where LE #4 at?! LOL!

Riley MacGregor said...

Great sketches - kind of difficult requests maybe - but they turned out great...

chris be said...

Hey Chris- Thanks! Ninja Turtles are so fun to draw, Thor's trixter-tricky.

yo Adrian- we did what we could, it's a blast when the adrenaline kicks in. and really the crowd was great, I think we get insulated from the hagglers, shoot, i dint even get to see the free stuff, other than what i was sweating over myself. look forward to seeing you at HC, if not sooner. LE#4......i am currently pulling it through a portal opened by the cosmic cube.

Riley- thanks sir! like Ringo said: you know it don't come easy