Thursday, June 7, 2012

frakking A.C.E.

packing for the Albuquerque Comic Expo, where I'll be hanging at the 12 Gauge Comics booth with Andrew Robinson, Brian Stelfreeze, Paul Azaceta, Keven Gardner, Doug Wagner, and Kody Chamberlain.  you know who else is gonna be there? James effing O'Barr. and David "Brohawk" Williams, Michael Golden, Andy Kuhn, and Ryan Cody.

and Chewbacca. and frakking Starbuck! 

so if you don't know, now you know


Ryan Cody said...

Really great meeting and chatting, even if it was brief.

chris be said...

Hey Ryan- Great to finally meet you too, hope we get a chance to shoot the shit proper.

Adrian Johnson said...

'And I would have gotten a proper night's sleep if it wasn't for you meddling kids...'

chris be said...

Adrian- hah! ive been devouring dennis the menace- that hank ketcham is a beast