Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loose Ends for Free!

I don't think we've mentioned here yet but there will be a 8 page preview of our book (Loose Ends) in 12 Gauge's Free Comic Book Day offering. It will be the first time anyone other than us has seen this stuff in full color! We're excited for you guys to see this stuff! Here's an Loose Ends ad we created for the FCBD book, enjoy!


Adrian Johnson said...

Finally... like Remo Williams, the adventure begins...

I haven't been to a Free Comic Book Day in years, but I will make an exception exclusively for this.

Can't wait, fellas!


arnie said...

YEah! i'm been patiently waiting to see Loose Ends in print. i'll be making a special trip to pick it up. free and paying.

peace out

capprotti said...

The anticipation... OOH THE ANTICIPATION!!! :-P