Thursday, February 3, 2011

the secret city

above, i'm drawing foreshortened circles, below, the PBS show "Secret City" with Mark Kistler, that taught me how. you know how it's easier for kids to learn a new language than adults? Mark demonstrated all kinds of principles i didn't come across again until art school, nearly a decade later. to whatever degree i handle perspective, it's at least comfortable to do so, and has everything to do with seeing this show, as a young'un. check out that neat opening crawl, the sci-fi drawing outfit, and how enthusiastic this guy is!!!!!! he sometimes says: "are you ready to BLAST across that page?". hell yeah! thanks sir !

........and Marks usual sign off: "DrawDrawDraw! Practice your drawing!"


arnie said...

that guy, i learned how to draw perspective from. watched him every time, and drew everything he drew. can you did it!

chris be said...

thanks for sayin hey Arnie, i expected to hear from one of his many padawans, just not so fast! hell of a teacher.

Adrian Johnson said...

I remember Mark Kistler! I used to watch him in the afternoon over summer breaks as a kid.

Strangely, I never drew with him except for one time when he showed how to draw a space shuttle. Other than that, it was always more enjoyable to watch him do it.