Wednesday, February 2, 2011

polly jean


Adrian Johnson said...

Man, that's really lovely, CB.
And dark hair is one of my Kryptonites.

Is this somebody in particular?

Anonymous said...

aw, is this 'cause of

chris be said...

Adrian- thanks sir, i'd say it's one of mine too, if my list of kryptonites wasn't so long as to render the word meaningless ;p The lady is PJ Harvey, amazing singer, strange looking bird. Check out her record "stories from the city, stories from the sea", easily one of my top ten fav records of all time- it's especially kryptonite.

Anonymous- Probably is where i grabbed the pic from, yeah, though i take issue with the "because" part of the question. Besides what I wrote to Adrian above, she's got a new record coming out, so I'm running into her all over the place daily lately. Shit just gets around- a drawing i posted last week is now here:
and here:
this is why i put a watermark on stuff when i can though. haven't figured out how to handle attribution since i am drawing from pics for warm-ups, maybe an asterisk with frequent picture watering holes or something? anyways, is great, im sure ill draw lots more from it. open to attribution suggestions.

Anonymous said...

ah! didn't know if you'd actually seen style rookie recently or if you and she were cosmically linked or some shit. my point being: great minds do tend to think alike. awesome that your stuff is getting re-blogged (& on such cool sites!), and that pj has a new album forthcoming (yet i'm doubtful that it will be anything to rival "stories"...)