Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty Weak

I was trying to explain something to Chris the other day about drawing a pretty lady with a "weak chin". He wasn't getting what I was saying, I don't think I was explaining myself well. So, I decided to try to illustrate what I meant. I typed "weak chin" into Google and used one of the pictures I found on the first page of the search for this image. I liked the end result and figured I'd use it for something down the line, a print, a cover for a little book, I dunno. The bad news is I flattened the file, so it'll probably never get used for anything...


-PQ said...

Great explanation!

Adrian Johnson said...

I'm with you, Rico! You hit the nail on the head with this.

As I get older personally, I find that these kind of details are infinitely more appealing and satisfying for me to draw than the archetypal pretty girl pneumatic cheesecake.

And I wouldn't fret on the flattening. Anything done once can be done again (most of the time).

Let's have another.