Thursday, April 7, 2011



Adrian Johnson said...

That's a coincidence, CB. Like we discussed a couple weeks ago, I went ahead and started a sketchbook solely devoted to hands last week. And I've started by sketching studies of the bone structure. It's been quite eye opening actually to take effort to see how the machine works.

But you just seem to take minimal effort with your hands. They're always highly accurate even when exaggerated. Are hands just one of your favorite things to draw?

chris be said...

ola adrian! wow, you don't mess around, that bone structure stuff is tricky- aren't there like 50 bones in the wrist? women are easily my favorite subject, for obvious reasons (to paraphrase elaine from seinfeld: "the female form is a work of art, male bodies are like jeeps, just for getting around in"). everything else is so damn difficult. it all comes down to practice/observation. stuff that you see me do a lot (hands, cars, buildings) are just areas i find especially challenging/rewarding. but im glad you like the hands, it's never a minimal effort. you know how when edward scissorhands is cutting hair or shrubbery, and it's flying everywhere? when im drawing its like that, a hail of shredded eraser.

you sure do prompt a lot of rambling, you'd be a great interviewer ;p