Monday, April 25, 2011



Adrian Johnson said...


Based on the Ellen Barkin likeness on the woman and the pompadour, I'll hazard a guess and say 'Diner'. Am I right?

It's fresh in my mind based off a recent documentary I saw of the guy who produced it.

chris be said...

hah, nah, but good guess, i'll take that as a suggestion. it's just an couple from this photoset: i thought the guy had great style, but i hadnt drawn in a few days and biffed it. ah well.

huh, the Weintraub doc any good? i loved "the kid stays in the picture"

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice one.

Adrian Johnson said...


Oh, OK. The woman kind of had those Ellen Barkin eyes.

And The Weintraub doc was actually pretty good. He's had a wild life. Definitely one of the old-school mavericks. And his marital situation is.... interesting... to say the very least. Check it out when you can.