Wednesday, April 27, 2011

don't you feel my leg

drawn from a photo

my great-grandma


Heather said...

Wow, Chris, nice! I really like the way you drew her hair and her heels.

Adrian Johnson said...


Elegant. The pattern on the chair cushion is awesome.

And that's cool about your great-grandmother. Are any of her actual recordings an heirloom in your family?

chris be said...

Heather- thankya! it's pretty much always the hair that hooks me in.

Adrian- much appreciated sir, trynna work out how to do wallpaper good, and without going crazy- Pierre Alary inks his, is crazy. There is a ton of my grandmas records, pics, etc; her and my great-grandpa had a room of it full and piled to the ceiling. When they died some was donated, some stayed in the family, Katrina happened before it was all sorted. So...I don't know, for now I have to settle for google.