Wednesday, April 13, 2011


sketch from the Raleigh Con, had to move pretty quick


def_sanchez said...

dude that is an awesome sketch,
cool color work to.

Kevin said...

I'm happy to say that's my sketchbook that's home to Chris' great Shulkie artwork. Great to meet you, Jason, and Rico, and thanks for the stellar art!

Adrian Johnson said...

Nice work, CB. Did you have to move quick because the traffic at your table was great or not wanting to get hung up on noodling?

chris be said...

D.S.- thankya sir!

Kevin- Ola, thanks for sayin hey and letting me draw in your book. was great to meet you too, and if the "Rocketear" picture gets posted, i'll make sure you get credit ;p look forward to seeing you at HeroesCon!

Adrian- it probably ended up being about an hour, was just the last hour of the show and i didn't want to jam up Kevins day (see above). i can work under pressure, but it's not exactly "play" either, and the difference is pretty noticeable to me. hey, if you and Kevin like it, im not gonna complain ;p