Thursday, May 26, 2011

art of storytellin part 1

today is the last day to order Loose Ends #1 (Diamond Code: MAY111222) , and here's the cover for #2


DanHale said...

Awesome cover, will check it out. That song is one of my favorites too.

Adrian Johnson said...

Man, I've been remiss in my daily visits, CB.

Figured you were busy with Loose Ends and getting ready for Heroes.

How good does it feel to have Loose Ends finally getting out there? You, Rico and Jason have a excellent package on your hands and I hope it finds an audience.

But anyway, I'll be seeing you in on Friday at the con, sir! Looking forward to it!


chris be said...

Dan-Thanks sir, please do. And yeah, it's my summertime jam.
Adrian-Ah, don't be remissing, I'm hoping the FCBD book was enough of a fix. At any rate, I have so much drawing to do that I'm perpetually warmed up. Don't know what to think about the book...existing.... in the actual world......just have to keep my head in the game. bahblahblah. Hey, look forward to seeing you though- you can keep your stuff at my table if you get trigger happy buying stuff. Laterskater.