Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today a Loose Ends preview (in a flip book with I.C.E. remember) along with like 50 other comics will be FREE at your local comic shop! CBR preview of preview here! more info here.

EDIT: report here from Eric Stolz's evil twin.


Anonymous said...

Long time fan, first time caller. Your work is pretty awesome. Where can I buy Loose Ends and when does it come out?

chris be said...

hello, you're on the air. you can get Loose Ends from any comic shop that orders through Previews, it'd be good to let them know you'd like a copy. The comic comes out in July, and retailers will be placing their orders for that month in the next couple weeks I believe. If that doesn't come together we can work something out, I know a guy. Thanks for calling.
-Chris, from NC

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Will do.