Thursday, May 5, 2011

robots- yes.

edit: originally just posted the robot far right, but there were comments about the transforming rail gun, as well as a cute factor, so here's the rest. the project was to build a concept around pogs, in 2007 if you can believe it. robots made of pogs. a production manager thought "pogs", a team of writers came up with "robots", and Chris Ortega and I got to take it from there.


Adrian Johnson said...

Very cool, CB! And the one part that is the coolest is the robot's right arm with the rail gun.

It looks like it actually could work. I can see how the canister would fold in and the gears would retract the rail gun over that.

Some thought really went into that.


Heather said...

Can robots be cute? Because that one kinda is...did I just chickify your manly robot? Whoops!

chris be said...

Adriaaaaaan- hah, yes, rail guns are the best gun, the best part of Predator, Wetworks, etc, etc, etc. it's neat you could tell it transforms, i can't get anything by you! reposting w/ the before and after.

Heather- yes, you have disrespected my robot and offended my roiling machismo. reposting with the even cuter version.

Adrian Johnson said...


Yeah, I keep looking at that arm and really admiring how well it works. The additional drawings show the same level of thought too.

And rail guns -- man, Predator, Wetworks, Team 7 -- no team of 7 macho commandos was ever complete without one guy with a rail gun. LOL!

But pogs, yo? In 2007? They were played out even as soon as they got hot in 1993.

ChrisOrtega said...

Dang, Pogs, baby robots, good times...sorta.
At least the Brunner art was rad.
This stuff still amazes.

chris be said...

sir! s'up! i certainly remember how fantastic the chick robot you did was, foxy and tough, and a total hat trick when lady robots turn out so lame (Arcee). i looked for and couldnt find the one you did, itd be a trip to see it again. we gotta catch up mang.