Tuesday, May 3, 2011

can you get to that

An 8 page preview of Loose Ends, written by Jason Latour, colored by Rico, and drawn by myself, will be available Saturday for free for Free Comic Book Day! We will be sketching at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find in Charlotte; the comic itself will be in a 12 Gauge Comics flip book with I.C.E., by Doug Wagner and Jose Holder, in the other half. Support us, your local comic shop, and Team Comics by showing up and grabbing a copy (a store locator waits for you at the other end of the FCBD hyperlink). If you like it please let your retailer know- we don't have mystical hammers or power rings on our side, just 4 wicked comics and you. Orders for issue#1 of Loose Ends (out July) will be placed soon after FCBD, be sure your retailer knows you want a copy. Deal? We good?


Heather said...

I hope I don't have to bug my LCS too much to get them to order Loose Ends! ;P

I really am looking forward to adding all four issues to my pull list at Heroes. Everything I've seen so far looks great. You three guys work quite well together.

Adrian Johnson said...


I'll be in the spot exclusively for a copy of the Loose Ends FCBD.

Really looking forward to this and the series proper, sir.


Peach M said...

This is beautiful! What program did you use to make those tones?

J.A.Ramirez said...

I love to see as an inker, who use tools etc.

Your work is great!!

chris be said...

Heather- i hope not either, but let me know if you need a hook up, i know a guy. it's a relief that your still looking forward to it after reading the fist issue, i can't deal with thinking that far ahead (to seeing them in a shop), just one page at a time.

Adrian- thanks sir! you know there'll be a bunch of other comics there too? it's a huge compliment to know you're looking forward to it though, you've seen a bunch of the pages too i think, and have (otherwise ;p ) great taste in art.

Peach- thankyou! it's Photoshop, I do a layer of greyscale rendering, then Rico manages that, converts, to dots with bitmap mode and colors from there. Jason Latour uses color halftone mode- the file has to be in gray (as opposed to cmyk, rgb, etc) for both modes. Pretty sure there's a few ways to skin this cat. Geez, im excited to see what you'll do with it!

J.A. - thanks sir! never learned how to use the real inking tools, just microns, sometimes a brush to make slop.